Acute Accounting

Jordan Richardson

ColourSpace   Acute Accounting   Jordan Richardson   Seaford Pier 1

Seaford Pier 1
Mixed media and photographic collage on canvas

Jordan Richardson has long admired David Hockney, Annie Leibowitz, and Andy Warhol, and tried to emulate some of their styles in the past in many different photos. With the capabilities that digital cameras now offer, I started to play around with digital techniques, such as photoshop. From this, Richardson developed the complex process of dissecting and re-piecing images together, cut-and-pasting them onto other images of buildings. He has also recently started using images of old wooden beach boxes and piers.

Mirabela Varga

ColourSpace   Acute Accounting   Mirabela Varga   St Kilda Marina Twilight

St Kilda Marina Twilight
Acrylic on stretched canvas

“The majestic skylines of Melbourne are breathtakingly colourful and inspiring. An impressionist painting bursting with colour and imaginative flair, movement and imagination. Mirabela sets herself amongst the scene and interprets it from memory in a fast-melting pot of infused energy and creativity when back in the studio. Mirabela’s paintings are made with the intent of letting your imagination work with the painting often finding something new or never seen before even after years of hanging your painting.”

Workplace Cowork

Baluk Arts - Jadah Pleiter

Workplace Cowork   Jadah Pleiter (Baluk Arts)   Untitled (2)

Acrylic on Canvas

Jadah is a Palyku (Pilbara) artist residing in Victoria. After completing a Bachelor of Drama?c Art and Post Grad and a Masters in Community Cultural Development Jadah have had a long career in theatre and performance. She was the Arts and Cultural Development officer at Cardinia Shire Council where she managed public art commissions. Jadah was a principal artist in the Gods Dreaming project which was published in 2016 and has toured through indigenous communities across Australia for two years. Influenced throughout her childhood by the artistic success of her Aunt Sally Morgan and her Step-Mother Jody Broun, Jadah draws on her rich upbringing to express through visual media the stories she wishes to tell.

Baluk Arts - Matthew Pringle-Delaney

Workplace Cowork   Matthew Pringle Delaney (Baluk Arts)   Gathering Place

Gathering Place
Acrylic on wood

The icons in the centre of this work represents four people coming together to meet. The surrounding forms represent the typography of the land and the journey paths they took to get there. The meeting place is culturally a significant site for Aboriginal men and women. It is a place where Aboriginal people gather together, si?ng in circles; this is seen as a normal practice among the Indigenous people. Matt is a Kamilaroi man who has grown up in South East Australia and now lives in Frankston. He has been painting his whole life since his pop showed him as a child. His parents are both artists, and so are his siblings. Matt enjoys doing vibrant paintings on canvas. and wood using symbols and dots which represent various stories. He hopes that people will find joy in looking at the work that he finds so much purpose in creating.

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