Are you an artist?

Looking to rent your artwork?

ColourSpace is creating new opportunities for artists and ensures you have a platform to connect with your audience. Reach the 75% of people who don’t visit galleries by sharing your artwork at workspaces and events.


Share your art

Our curators will work with you to identify what artwork is best suited for each business or event. Anything from acrylics, oils, watercolour, works on paper and digital prints


Time to exhibit

We’ll pick up your artwork and rotate it through different locations. Your art will be professionally installed and transported. You don’t need to do a thing.


Giving back

There are no exhibition, listing, or transport fees and we insure your works. If your art sells, we charge a flat 25% commission. If it doesn’t, you earn 25% of our rental fee as royalties.

Let’s share your art for the world to see.

Artist testimonials

Lisa Ray

“ColourSpace has provided a creative, professional and creative way to present artists work to a wider community. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be represented by ColourSpace.”

John Petrie
Abstract Artist

"It's inspiring to collaborate with like-minded professionals - that's why I choose ColourSpace! They encouraged me to increase the scale (size) of my works and the benefits have been tenfold - my audience has increased and I have learnt the courage of making artistic decisions."

Tiki Ink

“I could not be more grateful for the opportunities and support I have received from ColourSpace. What they’ve done for me as an artist so far has been amazing. I couldn’t thank them more!”

Lena Wagner

“Hell yeah I would recommend ColourSpace to other artists, It is a great opportunity for me to make $ from my art, gain exposure from a large audience and everything is organised for me.”

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