Brenda Mangalore

Artist bio

I create art that’s about connection to ourselves & to each other.
You may be celebrating a big life milestone, or simply want your space to reflect more of what you feel and believe in a way that’s beautiful + creative.
This is my calling:
To inspire ambitious & spiritual creatives to live a life of JOYFUL PURPOSE in connection with creativity - with YOUR Muse.
I want to create art that strikes a chord in your heart, and resonates with you on a sublime level, beyond words.  

Whether bringing art into your spaces, or giving it to another, you can commission me to create a piece just for you.
There is a process to putting “you” in every custom piece. We work together to dig deep + make something with meaning.

Because art should be more than just something pretty to look at.
Art is like faith and love, chaos & structure. There is beauty in the mess!
And if we let it, it can be an anchor of self-expression?in our spaces and in our lives.

Bring this collection to your space.