MVS Art Program

Our Place To Gather

Melbourne Veterinary School and ColourSpace have been working together to bring local art to our offices, student lounge, and hospital. And now it's your turn! We want to showcase your creativity, in an exhibition hosted at the hospital to showcase your artwork.
The theme: Our Place To Gather. The Melbourne Veterinary School is a place of learning, but it's also a place where we connect, form lifelong friendships, explore our purpose and love for animals, and share achievements.
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What are the specifics of the Exhibition?

We are exhibiting seventeen (17) artworks in the long hallway behind the consulting rooms in the Hospital into a community gallery, exhibiting works submitted by staff, students, and volunteers at MVS. The exhibition will be on display from 30 October 2022.

What are the timeframes?

The closing date for submissions has been extended to midnight Sunday 09 October 2022. Once finalists have been selected and notified, the exhibition will be installed on Friday 30 October 2022

What is needed from artists?

Completed pieces of artwork that pertain to the theme, either newly created for this exhibition, or works you've previously created that are relevant to the theme. To be considered for the exhibition, we will simply need a clear photo of the artwork, submitted via this platform once you've created an account.

Can anyone apply?

This program is open to all staff, students, and volunteers at MVS. In the future, we may look at extending this to the broader MVS communities, alumni, and friends and families of the Hospital patients. 

Any eligibility criteria to be aware of?

Yes - there's a few important aspects to be aware of:

  • We are looking for visual artworks that can be hung on a wall. We unfortunately can't accommodate free-standing sculptures or installations that require extensive installation on to the Hospital's walls.
  • We can accept the following mediums: Drawings, paintings, prints, photography, and collages that do not protrude too much from of the surface
  • The dimensions must not exceed 100cm (h) and 100cm (w) once framed
  • The weight of the artwork must not exceed 10kg once framed
  • If you can smell it, we can't accept it! So any new works - especially oil or spray paint - must be fully dried or sealed by the time of exhibition
  • You can submit more than one artwork

Selection process

The exhibited artworks will be chosen by a representative at Melbourne Veterinary School and the ColourSpace Curator.

Will there be any prizes?

There will not be any cash prizes, however all artworks will be publicly shared and promoted both at MVS and on public ColourSpace channels.

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