Geoff Cunningham

Artist bio

Geoff Cunningham is a Stencil Artist, based in Melbourne, whose paintings are held in collections locally & world-wide. His distinctive works often combine the themes of streetscapes, nostalgia and humour to form a backdrop for his thought provoking narratives.
In recent years, Geoff has been a finalist in National and International art prizes including; The Omnia Art Prize, The National Capital Art Prize, The Stencil Art Prize, The Gallipoli Art Prize, Bluethumb Art Prize, Art Lovers Australia Art Prize, the Lethbridge Gallery Small Scale Art Award.
Geoff has been a full-time artist since 2007.

"I love the challenge of bringing so many different artistic disciplines together to create a finished piece that allows the viewer to step into a world that is familiar, yet somehow beautiful and unexpected”

I create art because...

It's what I'm meant to do - nothing else satisfies my soul like creating something that didn't exist.

I am different to most artists because...

My technique combines many different artistic disciplines: I start with photography, which then leads into photo manipulation and digital creation. From there I hand cut each layer of the stencil before spray painting. Then I finish each piece with hand painted details so that each painting is totally unique. I quite often stretch my own canvases and when required, also do my own framing.

When you look at my art, the thing I want you to feel is...

A connection. Either to a place, time or feeling, or ideally - all of them at once!

The thing I most want to say to non-artists is...

Buying original art is the best way to express your personality - line your walls with something that means something to you and you will gain endless pleasure every time you look at it!

I believe art is an important part of our lives because...

The world would be very dull without it, and it is an essential link to our souls.

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