Somrita Watford

Artist bio

I am an Indian born, Melbourne based artist. Art was a passion of mine in my teens and twenties and I wanted to pursue it as a career, but back in those days the chances of making it as an artist and earning a living through it were bleak and my parents encouraged me to get a proper degree that would get me a decent job :) So, after a career, marriage, kids, migrating to a new country and then later a job redundancy, 35 or so years later, I now find myself free to pursue my passion and creativity again!

In my youth I mostly worked with water colours, oils and pencils. But now I have discovered acrylic paints and love using this medium, although in the future I hope to also paint with oils again. Being a self taught artist with no formal training, I am inspired by nature but love to paint other subjects as well. I create each piece with great care, paying careful attention to every detail. My natural style leans towards realism but I'm looking forward to trying the abstract version too

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