Grace Bailey

ColourSpace   Alumina   Grace Bailey   Free Spirit

Free Spirit
Acrylic on canvas
“Most people see the fox as representative of slyness but actually, when you stop to study them, they’re clever and very beautiful. Perhaps it represents those people who are misunderstood”

ColourSpace   Alumina   Grace Bailey   Gentleness

Acrylic on canvas
“The deer is a metaphor for the human trait of gentleness. The colour green is used to amplify the sense of serenity.”

ColourSpace   Alumina   Grace Bailey   Taste and See

Taste and See
Acrylic on canvas
“Taste and see the goodness that surrounds us all.”

Baluk Arts - Graeme Beamish-Bonnington

ColourSpace   Alumina   Midnight Frogs and the Moon   Graeme Beamish Bonnington (Baluk Arts)

Midnight Frogs and the Moon
Acrylic on Canvas
Graeme “Kunda” Beamo paints animals, stories and events significant to his experience. Green Tree Snakes, Googah (Goanna), Green Tree Frogs, Barramundi, and Whitchetty Grubs are familiar icons in Beamo’s work as are special events such as corroboree, initiation, dancing, and family gatherings.

Baluk Arts - Diane Aiello

ColourSpace   Alumina   Diane Aiello (Baluk Arts)n  Frog Totem

Frog Totem (Diane Aiello)
Acrylic on Canvas
Di is known by family and friends as Di Di which means sister. Di’s inspiration for her art started when she was very young through drawing and painting with her mother’s encouragement. This painting is about the green tree frog which is my totem. You can see that it is peacefully sitting - soul searching under the protection of the Southern Cross.

Joe Blundell

ColourSpace   Alumina   Joe Blundell   Entanglement Of Nature

Entanglement Of Nature
Oil on canvas
Blundell’s series of paintings of Melbourne is about the passage of time, and distillation of how he experiences the city visually – his unique take on it if you will. Every artist sees things in their own way. Anyone who has had the privilege of standing in front of one of Monet’s haystack paintings will probably never look at light and shadow in the same way again. That’s art.

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